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Stand-up pouch

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The practical

The stand-up pouch (Doypack) is becoming increasingly popular due to its positive properties. It is suitable for the safe packaging of dry products.

The advantages of the stand-up pouch:

  • optimal for dry products
  • can be re-shipped as often as required due to pressure closure (zipper)
  • thereby longer freshness and edibility
  • 100% aroma protection and long shelf life

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The practical stand-up pouch

The stand-up pouch (Doypack) has established itself in the food industry in recent years due to its practical and consumer-friendly properties.

All dry products can be packed safely and effectively in stand-up pouches.

Due to the pressure closure (zipper), the bag can be resealed as often as desired and the products remain fresh and edible for longer. A long shelf life and 100% flavor protection is obtained when the stand-up pouch is sealed above the zipper after filling. Thanks to the tear notch, the bag is easy to open for the end consumer.

The stand-up pouch combines ideal barrier properties - free-flowing, gas-tight. In addition, the bag can be equipped with an aroma protection valve. Due to its pronounced bottom gusset, the Doypack stands firmly on the sales shelf and is thus the perfect alternative to cardboard and glass packaging.

The new, sustainable and recyclable barrier papers in particular are ideally suited for this type of bag.