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Diamond bag

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The special

The diamond bag is perfect as a loving gift packaging or for products which need a special presentation. This bag ensures the great appearance.

The advantages of the diamond bag:

  • optimal for various filling goods and gift arrangements
  • easy packaging of round and oval products
  • recyclable

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The special diamond bag

A bottle of wine or a gift basket to give away? Maybe a tree cake or an Easter nest? The diamond bag makes various fillers and pretty gift arrangements shine.

Diamond bag owes its unique shape and name to the double side fold, through which it takes a hexagonal shape. Therefore, this particular bag is perfect for easy packaging of round and oval products. Give your decoratively packaged products an extra shine and better stability with the round decorative inserts in gold/silver.

Whether transparent or custom printed, the diamond bag is available up to a maximum length of 710mm and a Ø of 200mm and has good recyclability.