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Hot foil stamping

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Hot foil stamping can be applied to all our products. In this process, a colored decorative band is transferred to the respective substrate with heat.

Embossing gives your products a special high-quality character.

The advantages of hot foil stamping:

  • Underlines the recognizability of the brand
  • Applicable to all types of packaging
  • special finishing

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High-quality finishing through hot foil stamping

Hot foil stamping is a popular method for finishing packaging and giving it a particularly high-quality look. In this process, a colored decorative ribbon is transferred to the substrate in question using high temperatures and pressure. This results in a glossy, metallic or holographic surface that makes the product particularly eye-catching and appealing. Hot foil stamping can be used on all our packaging types and emphasizes the recognizability of your brand.

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