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Block bottom bag

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The classic

The block bottom bag is a proven classic. It impresses with its stability and rectangular shape. In addition, its footprint is optimally customizable and recyclable.

The advantages of the block bottom bag:

  • stable base
  • different floor variants possible
  • Available with and without viewing window
  • optional: additional reinforcement with bottom sheet
  • recyclable

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The classic block bottom bag

Block bottom bags create a rectangular shape when unfolded due to the side gussets and have the special property of forming a stable standing surface.

Due to the smooth bottom, it stands firmly even without contents, which facilitates filling. For improved stability and visual enhancement, the bottom can also be reinforced with a bottom sheet. By combining different materials, the barrier properties required for the contents can be achieved. The bag has good recyclability, whether it is made of film or paper.

Depending on the product, there are three different base variants to choose from (pour-tight, dust-tight, aroma-tight)