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Industry-leading Solutions

From monofoils to laminates and barrier films to custom-made paper bags: we offer you a wide range of packaging solutions . With our special products, you create unique haptic and visual effects and thus convince your customers at the PoS.

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Jodl Packaging

Our products.

We are an innovative and modern company in Austria

Do you have a project in mind? Write us a message or call us.


Your satisfaction is our top priority

Even after your order, you can rely on our support. In addition to high-quality production of your product packaging, we also offer you the following service and services, among others:

  • Precise delivery dates in close cooperation with your production planning
  • Handmade patterns
  • 3D animation of your packaging design
  • Sample roll production
  • Storage and delivery of your products on demand
  • Technical support during the packing process in your company
  • Laboratory analysis of product samples