Jodl - Einfach Sicher verpackt


Coffee and tea

Can you imagine a morning without that warm, full scent of coffee or the aroma of a hot cup of tea? 

Maintaining that feeling of being „at home“, which the first inhalation of the sensitive aroma of coffee and tea triggers, is top priority when choosing packaging for your product. 

Yet you’re not compelled to thinking only of the classical foil-laminating combination.

Thanks to our pre-manufactured, multi-layer block bottom bag joSealFix​ with paper, aluminium and a sealed bottom, highly functional packaging with an appealing design is possible. Whether Bio, Classic or Retro: You decide the look. 

And if you want your brand of coffee to stick out of the crowd, we suggest our new innovative windowed coffee packaging.


Saffron, nutmeg and pepper, the once invaluable spices have found their way into the daily kitchen of today. In order to best retain the exhalable and full aromas, we have taken on the challenge and developed the sealed block bottom bag especially for aggressive and very fine spices.

An eye catcher at the point of sale and a marketing element of the specialized market which can be personalised.